Sunday, April 5, 2009

Disconnected the Connect

Higher voting right in IMF & WB, How will we utilize this assurance ?
Orphan Works gathering dust for long, is it time to see the light of the day or just wait some more to allow more competitors into the field to avoid complete exclusivity to Google?

Yalla Italia's (Let’s Go, Italy) wonderful attempt to bridge the gap between Non Muslim Italians & young Muslim immigrants,comes just at a time,when Muslims are viewed through glasses of suspicion ready to strike, at the first available opportunity.Alienation throughout the ages across various decades and regions is what gave birth to most of the radical extremists grouyp we see around the world, lesser we contribute to the disparity, more are the chances of living in a healthy, symbiotic society.

Recession Claims 5.1 Million Jobs with US uneployment at its 26-year High.eant to earn?Write a program for iphone

Time to rise and innovate, a slowdown inching towards shutdown is sure tugging the Blogging Strings of IYI. When the website begun, I thouht it would be now and forever.It's not yet over, and definitely hates a bailout,but between the wait and the post lies an idea, that awaits a breakthrough.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I wonder..

A quick look at Recession Reading tells me that the sales of romance novels are on a rise.I recall having read the same, after 9/11 when more people got married, and there was a sudden baby boom that followed.Why is that so?Does presence of love make situations easier to bear or withstand?

Talking of babies, did you think having a dyslexic kid was a bane?Worried sick,thinking why do they think the way they think?What if they never change?What will they grow up to be?Are they really queer?To them, they must be appearing normal.They are so wrong about their self perception,arent they?

Infact, they are much beyond "NOrmal" :)

What is normalcy by the way?Being in a state of homeostasis?What if it gets disturbed?Can It be restored?Depends on the extent on damage done.Can I truly restore, all that I had mercilessly exploited?Do I mean it?Is that to restore brand image to restore what you had lost alongside?Even if it is,will 2012 see it or will it fizz out?Time will tell.

Though it does feel bad, when your trust is exploited.Foot the looters,en route your suite!Sounds stupid, Suicidal.So is that what bailouts actually are?After what AIG did,do you think you are insured enough?(as one of the IYI users commented)

Why does this happen?Is it plain greed?What gives them the confidence that they won't be caught?What is the answer?Stricter regulations?More watchdogs?Pushing the limits at times like these can indeed be akin to, signing your own pink slip

So if you really want to be enterprising, either be Calvin

or think hatke ;)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fight or Flight?

I was going through the library of IYI's Links when I happened to find this:

Mind of a Woman

Till the very end, a woman at a senior level position in the organization as shown in the case study tries her best to think about the team, take the brand forward, duck the personal attacks or fury directed at her, but at times the acrid attack can be too much to handle. When a person gains precedence over the brand/product; then all hell breaks loose. Why the need? Why the power struggle? More than anyone one else, it ends up harming the person harboring the hatred, jealously and animosity within.

There is space for everyone and if you stop seeing your colleagues’ growth as an obstacle to your own achievements of the past, then you'll find it rather easier to ideate too. The more you let go, and are free from preconceived notions and baggages that weigh you down, the more easier it will be to grab incoming opportunities that come disguised you way.