Sunday, April 5, 2009

Disconnected the Connect

Higher voting right in IMF & WB, How will we utilize this assurance ?
Orphan Works gathering dust for long, is it time to see the light of the day or just wait some more to allow more competitors into the field to avoid complete exclusivity to Google?

Yalla Italia's (Let’s Go, Italy) wonderful attempt to bridge the gap between Non Muslim Italians & young Muslim immigrants,comes just at a time,when Muslims are viewed through glasses of suspicion ready to strike, at the first available opportunity.Alienation throughout the ages across various decades and regions is what gave birth to most of the radical extremists grouyp we see around the world, lesser we contribute to the disparity, more are the chances of living in a healthy, symbiotic society.

Recession Claims 5.1 Million Jobs with US uneployment at its 26-year High.eant to earn?Write a program for iphone

Time to rise and innovate, a slowdown inching towards shutdown is sure tugging the Blogging Strings of IYI. When the website begun, I thouht it would be now and forever.It's not yet over, and definitely hates a bailout,but between the wait and the post lies an idea, that awaits a breakthrough.

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